Researchers of Truth Seminar Registration for:
Our Archangelic Form & Our Approach to the Baptism of Fire & Light Initiation



The Seminar will cover many teachings of the Researchers of Truth but of a prime focus will be the the Archangels, Angels and Nature Spirits, their work in creation and in our bodies.


We will also reveal somethings about our own Archangelic Form. Prior to the Humanization of mankind, we as Spirit, dressed in the Archangelic Form making us brothers/sisters with the Archangels .

In this seminar we will also make our initial steps toward the Baptism of Fire and Light. This is the Baptism John the Baptist spoke about when he said “I Baptize you in Water, but the one coming after me shall Baptize you in Fire and Light” But to approach this high level of Initiation one has to first learn how to dress in their Archangelic Form


October 10 – 14th 2017 At the Center for the Research of Truth, Columbus Indiana 



Fall is typically the most beautiful time of year in Southern Indiana 



Tuesday October 10th at 6 PM:  Introductory Meeting & Gathering with Heavy Appetizers 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday  October 11th – 14th from 9:30 to 4:30  Classes – With  Catered Lunches

Optional after seminar event: Ethnic Expo: Evening October 14th

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Registration includes workshop, Gluten considerate catered lunches, appetizers and beverages. Early Bird Registration before June 16 is $475 After June 16 $525
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After Seminar Event: Ethnic Expo [optional]

The Ethnic Expo is a Ethnic Expo is a celebration of ethnic heritage with lots of ethnic food, entertainment, gifts, a parade, and fireworks! Celebrate diversity at the Ethnic Expo!

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