by Panayiota, Daskalos’s Daughter

Dear Seekers of Truth,

At the beginning, maybe you will find my father’s (Daskalos) teaching difficult to understand. But slowly-slowly all of you will realize all of these truths are within you. It is God’s gift and everyone’s rightful inheritance.

The truth contained in these teachings remains inactive in you for a long time. Now is the time to decide to bring it up again and step by step and with God’s blessings to remember what you already know.

I will give you some advice, the same advice my father gave to me a long time ago: “Learn to concentrate fully. Observe everything. Nothing must escape your attention. Practice Introspection every night. See your personality’s behavior mentally through visualization. See analyze and correct your personality’s mistakes. This will help you meditate deeper and in time assimilate your present-day personality self with your real Self. What a joy to be able to express your real Self, which is Love; and to express this pure Love through your present-day personality self. Then you will see that it is so easy to proceed to higher levels”.