The book opens with the discovery of a seven year old Self-Realized boy-sage having not done his homework assignment for school on a faraway Greek island in 1919. The school principal and professors soon realized this was no ordinary child and begin to test him in advanced mathematics and university level subjects. And always he was giving them perfectly correct answers. At this same time, the young boy was able to perform a complete cure on a badly injured child right before their eyes. So impressed with his amazing abilities, these learned men assembled a group of about 30 like-minded individuals and asked the young boy to teach them his advanced knowledge. And so the young Daskalos started publicly teaching to his first circle for the Researcher of Truth at the age of seven. And he never stopped sharing these potent teachings and facilitating remarkable healings for over 70 years. By the time of his passing in 1995, Daskalos had founded over 100 circles worldwide for the Research of truth. The chapter finishes with the same Seven Promises of a Research of Truth first given by this diminutive master to these well-educated men and women.


This chapter traces the lineage of the teachings of the Researcher of Truth back in time to its origin 2000 years ago to one of the three Magi who found the Christ child. Working off of a 500 year old prophecy, this mystic-king was able to calculate the time and exact location of the birth of Christ. Leaving his kingdom, the chapter follows his long journey from the Far East, passing through what is now Armenia on the way to biblical Palestine, as he meets the two other kings who join him on his sacred pilgrimage to find the coming incarnation of God. This account rolls back time and unfolds the story of the community of the Essene Brotherhood into which Christ was born. And it ends with a look at the modern-day system for the Research of Truth as established by Daskalos.


In this chapter the reader will enter the home and world of Daskalos the mystic and healer in Strovolos, a suburb of Nicosia Cyprus. Set against the backdrop of the Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation of the Island, spiritual seekers from all around the world enter the militarily armed and divided city of old Nicosia seeking teachings and healings from the now 76 year old master. The chapter opens the door of his Stoa, where Daskalos’ advanced teachings and daily healings took place. Through these pages the reader will witness miraculous healings and some of the most profound spiritual teachings ever made available. The teachings of the Researchers of Truth have appeared throughout the centuries in fragmented parts. But much of the teachings had been only kept orally; passed on and enriched by successive generations in secret societies like the Knights Templar and purposely kept from the public. However, as Daskalos declared, “The times have changed and now it is permissible to reveal much, much more.”


The chapter identifies the ultimate aim of the teachings and the purpose of the practices of a Researchers of Truth. Elevating our personality’s self-consciousness to assimilate it with the Soul Self-Awareness is the aim of every Researcher of Truth and the ultimate destiny for the entire human race. And this chapter identifies the challenges a seeker will encounter and the crucial steps taken on our spiritual journey back home to our Divine Nature. The chapter concludes with the practice of one of the main keys that opens the gates to the Kingdom of the Heavens within and frees one from suffering to live a happier life.


This chapter explores and describes the vast range of consciousness; from its lowest level of sensitivity consciousness to its highest level as Self-Super-Consciousness. In this chapter, we will clearly see how the singularity of consciousness, manifests differently in the animals, human beings and Archangels giving them each a distinct levels of consciousness. The reader will also see how these seven degrees of luminosity of the Divine Light give rise and expression to the seven heavens. This chapter concludes with a simple practice that will help raise our consciousness to higher and higher levels.


The formless Super-Substance of the Mind is the very means used in the creation of all the Seven Heaven Worlds and in this chapter Mind will be shown in its various states. And we will look at how a human being uses this formless Super-Substance of the Mind to sub-consciously create their world; their own personal reality. The chapter will describe how our personal reality is like a book we are writing in all the time and how that written script is composing our character and casting our destiny. The chapter ends with a concentration practice to help the seeker of truth develop the necessary skills to use the Mind in creating a happier life.


Human beings have (and are) a trinity. They have the trinity as a material body, a body of emotions and a body of thoughts. This chapter will reveal how these three correspond exactly to the three Words of Existence. We will trace these three Worlds of Existence from the material world we all know, to the higher psychical and noetical worlds. Describing something of the different laws governing these worlds, the chapter will disclose the difference of space, time and place in these three worlds. Completing this chapter the reader will be given a basic preliminary meditation that quickly balances their material body, the body of their emotions and the body of their thoughts that corresponds to the three Worlds of Existence.


In this important chapter, the reader will learn more about their three bodies; the material body, the body of their emotions and the body of their thoughts. The chapter explains how they are interwoven one within the other and all connected by the Etheric Doubles of these bodies. These three bodies are used by the Soul during incarnation in the corresponding Three Worlds of Existence. This chapter also investigates how a mystic or a Researcher of Truth, who knows the way, can use their two higher bodies independently during conscious out of body experiences (OBE). The chapter ends with a meditation exercise that trains the reader to consciously shift their center of awareness between their three bodies.


In this chapter the reader will explore the so-called Seven Heavens, which in Eastern spiritual systemsare called, the Seven Lokas (Worlds). The chapter leads us from the first heaven all the way to the highest heaven understandable by the human intelligence. In this highest heaven we will learn about the eternal Archetypes contained in the Divine Plan from which all the lower heavens and everything existing in them originates. The chapter will reveal how in each and every incarnation a human being is descending and ascending through these seven heavens. Concluding this chapter is an exercise for creating peace in the first heaven, which is Earth.


This chapter looks at the driving mechanism that determines the degrees of happiness or sadness in our lives. It will explain the science of Elementals; the emotion and thought forms we are sub consciously creating all the time, which create our hells or our paradises. And how our enjoyment of our life is either enhanced or degraded by the Elementals we create and re-energize. The reader will come to know the nature and power of these Elementals and how their existence can be much longer than a single incarnation plus how they come to shape our future incarnations. The final part of this chapter will give the reader an exercise for creating Angelic Elementals to help ourselves and those we love.


We will deconstruct how our personality has been built up and in this chapter we will show how we are composing our personality, developing our character and thus reaping a satisfying or unsatisfying destiny. Analyzing our self-created personality we can detect those elements we need to change in order to guarantee the best possible destiny in this lifetime. The chapter divulges how this process will shift our sense of self from the constantly changing personality self to that of the Inner Self. The end of this chapter offers a meditation that helps the seeker experience the difference between who they are as a personality and what they are as the Inner Self.


Our Earth and our bodies are always surround by and interpenetrated by an abundance of energy we call Etheric Vitality. In this chapter we will examine the three lowers states of this vitality and how we are sub consciously using them all the time without realizing it. And we will learn the practices of the Researchers of Truth that provide the training on how this energy can be used for our benefit and for others. All the so-called energy work therapies known today employ this Etheric Vitality. With just a little practice the reader will learn how to consciously use the three lower states of this Etheric Vitally to promote good health in their body. The end of this chapter provides the exercise on how to do this.


This chapter looks at the Pulse of Life, which emanates from the Everlasting Life to give life to all the temporal forms of life all around us. We see it in the beating of the heart and the inhalation and exhalation of the lungs. We will see the difference between this Eternal Life, and the temporary expressions of life it creates. The reader will learn how to synchronize their breathing with the Pulse of Life to bring balance and harmony to their body, mind and emotions and to keep their energy levels always full.


This chapter will help a seeker of truth separate all the many voices clamoring for their attention from the true voice of their own Guardian Archangel, which arises from within. Further into the chapter it explains how this communication is always going on between our personality and our ever-present Guarding Archangel. It will divulge how the Guardian Archangels have loved and cared for us from the beginning of our humanization. And this great truth will not remain hypothetical to us as we learn to consciously enter into a dialogue with him. The reader will discover that their own Guardian Archangel can teach them more than any earthly master is allowed and that he is awaiting the reader’s approach. The chapter ends with a mediation to open up an alert dialogue with this Super-Conscious Guardian.


As the Guarding Archangel cares for our personality this chapter describes how there are other Archangels who care for our bodies. Archangels are not just some mythological religious notion; they are real Spirit-Beings and this chapter will shine light on their great works. And it will further explain the four most well-known orders described by the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Persians and ancient Egyptians. It will further be revealed that their work in creation is accomplished by their vibrations, which produce sounds and colors. The reader will learn that when a sincere seeker coordinates with their pulsating rhythms the seeker can experience the loving kiss of an Archangel. An introductory Archangel Meditation closes this chapter.


The most accurate record for anything that has ever occurred in the universe is the Cosmic Consciousness or Akashic Records. This chapter recounts Daskalos’ reading of this cosmic archive that reveals the creation of the universe, the galaxies, the solar systems, and Earth. The chapter leads the reader up to the arrival of the human race on the planet. Every emotion, every thought and every action we have experienced in any lifetime is faithfully recorded in the Cosmic and Planetary Consciousness. This chapter discloses where these Akashic Records are located and how very advanced mystics, sages and yogis are able to access these records in order to know about all of their past incarnations in perfect detail.


This chapter discloses never before released detailed information about our life in the psychical worlds after the death of our material body. It will explain the laws and conditions governing our way of life in the higher worlds and describes how our movement in these worlds is accomplished. The chapter tells how the Invisible Helpers in these worlds can enter the conditional shells of those who are trapped in hells and how they try to free them. Moreover, the chapter will divulge the one skill we need to develop while on earth to ensure a good and prosperous existence in the higher worlds when we pass over. And the chapter ends with an exercise that develops and strengthens the refined bodies we use in these higher worlds.


In this chapter the reader will learn more about two fundamental states of reality: The Everlasting and the ever changing. Also, this chapter clearly illustrates the Researchers of Truth’s teaching and experience of incarnation, dis-incarnation and reincarnation, which is very different than the popular notions about reincarnation today. And much more will be revealed in this chapter about the elementals and the two ways they influence a human being. The reader will also find out how negative elementals or “unclean spirits” become associated with certain locations and cause accidents and serious problems to the human beings. And this chapter ends with instructions on how to create a powerful, durable protective “Shield Elemental” to guard against negative influences.


Every form of life is governed by a precise, exacting Circle of Possibility for its kind of life. This chapter will examine the Circle of Possibility for a human being, which contains a vast number of potential Circles of Probabilities. In studying the various circles we get a glimpse of the Divine Plan governing each form of life. This chapter will compare the Circles of Possibilities of animals and human beings to reveal a more enlightened way of looking at Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. And the reader will see what happens when a child passes over early in life, before completing his or her full Circle of Possibility on Earth. The chapter concludes with a simple visualization exercise that traces one kind of Circle of Possibility.


This chapter takes the reader on the long, long journey of Humanization; as an eternal Spirit Being in God extends a ray of itself to become a human being. This begins its many incarnational cycles until its liberation from death and rebirth and return back to its origin. We will see how the human beings incarnated on Earth have become like children who have gone out of their home to play in the worlds of existence and have not only forgotten where they have come from but also they have forgotten who they really are – a child of God. The reader will see how every day, during each incarnation they are constantly writing pages that go in a book of all of their lives. The chapter will also look at the eternity behind us called the past, the eternity ahead of us called the future and come into the present moment sandwiched between these two eternities. Ending this chapter is a special meditation revealing our near and dear relationship with God.


The chapter opens with a look at Truth: The relative truth and the Absolute Truth. No one can reach the Absolute Truth without ascending the ladder of relative truth. We will see in this chapter how the relative truth is but a portion of Absolute Truth. The reader will examine how the laws of a relative truth can be, suspended and transcended by the laws of higher relative truths. The chapter will explore how applying the higher law of forgiveness, can resolve negative consequences brought by the law of Karma, for both the forgiver and the forgiven. And the chapter will teach how by using the method of comparison we ascend rung, by rung up the ladder of relative truth into the light.


Scrolling back in time to the first caveman, this chapter follows how humans in ancient times, to feel a sense of protection, created a multitude of gods and ascribed human strengths and weaknesses to them all. Until in ancient Egypt, when the pharaoh now called Akhenaton had a direct experience of the Divine and he and his wife Nefertiti along with the high Hierophant Khor-Aton, abolished the existing multi god system and established the world’s first Monotheistic Religion (belief in one true God), which abruptly ends with their murder. The chapter further discloses how the teachings and practices of the Egyptian and ancient Greek mystery schools used myths as metaphors to teach initiates with symbolic stories. And the reader will see how the classic Christian Myth of the Quest for the Holy Grail still provides very practical help for seekers of truth on their quest today. The chapter ends with a very important practice from the Greek mystery schools used in the Symbol of Life training by Researchers of Truth today.


This chapter explores the difference between the living people that Christ called the dead and the dead people whom Christ said were only sleeping. And it will show how we can use the teachings and practices of the Researchers of Truth to come out of dead habitual living patterns, into a more fully awakened state and ultimately reach true Self Realization. The chapter also divulges the true nature of dreams and how a Researcher of Truth can build a bridge between the dreaming and waking states of consciousness in order to know what really occurred in their so-called dream experiences. This chapter ends with a “Who am I – What am I” contemplation exercise designed to awaken us from semi-conscious living to more and more conscious wakefulness; here on Earth and in the worlds beyond.


In this chapter we will compare unconditional Divine Love with the many colored reflections of conditional human love. We will examine how personal relationships can go terribly wrong when we mistake “love by reflection” to be real love. Sooner or later such egoistic based love relationships must replace this selfish love with self-less love or they will suffer and sometimes end in disaster. Further into the chapter we will look at what makes a marriage sacred and the force that really binds two people together on Earth and in the higher worlds. And we will look at the relationship between friends and enemies at the personal and national level. Going even further we will see love in a deeper way and how the Archangels love and care for each of us. The chapter will finish with a practice for cleaning our personality; making it bright in order to reflect Divine Love.


Swimming with the Whale concludes with a chapter describing an initiation performed by Daskalos inducting two seekers into the Outer Circle of the Researchers of Truth and explains the need and meaning for spiritual initiations. The chapter then includes the reader in a mystical ceremony as Daskalos creates and consecrates a very powerful talisman that protects the person it was created for and their entire family. Drawing on the method used by the ancient Egyptian Hierophants to create protective talismans, Daskalos also entraps and dissolves harmful elementals using a flame of fire.