Swimming With The Whale Presents:
20 Class Online Video Course

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Awaken Slumbering Gods introduction Banff Canada 2016

Presented by Daniel Joseph




DAY 1 CLASS 1 Where am I – The long lineage of the Researchers of Truth

In this class, you will learn of the long lineage of the Researchers of Truth starting with early man and tracing humankind’s spiritual un-foldment of the Perennial teachings  down through the ancient civilization, and on into the Egyptian and Greek Mystery Schools and Essenes’ community in Biblical Palestine.  We continue to follow this line of development through the Knights Templar and subsequent expressions of these teachings on into to the most recent and complete presentations today by Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth.

Presented by Daniel Joseph 

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DAY 1 CLASS 2 Where Am I? – Creation of the Material & Etheric Universe

In this class, we will travel back across time and space and witness the creation of the three-dimensional universe, our planet Earth and its corresponding Etheric World. We will witness the development of Earth in detail across vast eons of time and disclose the nature of Etheric Energy and its vast field of potentiality the scientists are now calling the Zero Point Energy (ZPE). 

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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Day 1 CLASS 3 Where Am I? – The Psychical & Noetical Universes

In this class, we take you above the time & space world of the material plane in to what the ancients called the Worlds Beyond. These are the higher dimensions, science is now theorizing about and sometimes calling parallel universes.  These worlds are in and around the material universe but existing at a higher rate of vibration. We will explain and explore these multidimensional realities that we all will past to upon the death of our material body.  

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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 DAY 1 CLASS 4 Where am I? – Three Levels of Reality

In this class, we will discover vast, lofty and seldom described higher levels of what we call Reality.   We will trace the first cause of everything, that long sought after pursuit of the mystic and scientist;  the “prima mobilia”.   We will follow this absolute Law of Cause  from its un-manifested state into manifestation and extending as expression into Created Worlds of Existence.  

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 2 CLASS 1 Who/What am I? The Advent of Humankind 

In this class, you will travel across time and space back to mankind’s first arrival on the planet and follow his development over vast amounts of time.  You will discover how man’s material body is but the vehicle for his soul during his long, multi-incarnational journeys on his temporary home – Earth.  This class will also provide a solid understanding of the Etheric Double, the energy component of the material body and how to use it. 

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 2 CLASS 2 Who/What Am I?  Our Constantly Changing Personality-self

In this class, we will examine who we are as a personality.  To do this we will de-construct our personality in order to better understand the individual elements we ourselves have used consciously or sub consciously to construct it.  Just like a house is built brick by brick we construct our personality by the elementals (thought forms) we harbor and project.  This understanding along with the practices giving lead us towards self-mastery and a more meaningful, satisfying and contented life…. in other words, a life truly worth living.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 2 CLASS 3 Who/What Am I?  The Pure Soul and the Soul Personality

In this class we explain the higher levels of our Selfhood beyond that of our everyday personality – that of the Soul Self.   And we find this Soul Self in two states of expression – that of the Pure Soul, forever free and never bound which is residing in the eternal now. And we find it’s expression as the Soul Personality, the so called Inner Self (Permanent Personality), which projects a ray of itself into the temporary time, space and place worlds of existence which becomes like the backbone on which we create our personality.  This is What we are as a human being and not Who we are as a personality.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 2 CLASS 4 Who/What am I? The Spirit Soul Self and Its Ray Self
In this class, you will learn about the highest level of your Selfhood as an Eternal Spirit Being as well as the different orders of the Archangel Beings.  We will also trace our first decent in the process of the humanization of “our” Spirit-Soul Ray into the Worlds of Existence.  You will discover how certain orders of Archangels accompany us from our first descent to Earth and how they remain with us through all our incarnational journeys on Earth and the Worlds Beyond. You will be happy to find out all they ways they serve us and are willing to share their knowledge with the sincere seeker of truth.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 3 CLASS 1 How Did I Get Here? – The Journey of the Prodigal Son
In this class we will follow the journey of the Prodigal Son, which is the journey of each and every Human Being.   One thing we all know for sure, is that we are living on earth but how did we get here?   We will disclose the symbolic meaning of the Prodigal Son as it relates to those steps we must make in order to raise our consciousness to higher and higher levels reaching Soul Self Awareness and our return back home from where we started this journey. 

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 3 CLASS 2 How Did I Get Here?  –  Lost in the Heavens
In the previous class we revealed how we come to find ourselves on this planet having come from the source.  Now in this class we will explain what happens over the course of all our incarnations on earth and the other Worlds of Existence as we slowly awaken to the truth of who and what we are.   We will describe those forces and conditions which we must face on earth such as ignorance and illusion that distract, delay and block us and lead us astray on our journey of Self Realization.  (short lesson due to loss of video footage)

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 3 CLASS 3 & 4 How Did I Get Here? – Why Did I Come?

In this courses we will learn the purpose for our human incarnations. And we will see how these beautiful but sometimes painful journeys are giving us so much more benefit than we can realize at this stage of our spiritual un-foldment.  So much so, that in the end of the incarnational process, we return back to our source more privileged that the Archangels who never left their oneness with God.  (combined class due to loss of video footage) (short lesson due to loss of video footage) 

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 4 CLASS 1 Where Am I Going?  To Find the Treasure

In this class, we will describe what lies ahead.  What is the true destiny for human beings.  This is quite different than the goals, purposes and earthly destinies we create for ourselves as personalities.  This is the glorious golden destiny of the prodigal son that he realizes once he awakens from his illusions and from his ignorance of the truth.  This is a destiny that was, is and will always be the destiny of all human beings.

Presented by Daniel Joseph



DAY 4 CLASS 2 Where Am I Going?  Our Experiences Along the Way
In this class, we will examine and explain in detail some of the common spiritual experiences seekers have as they journey up the path of light towards Self Realization.  These include but are not limited to: out of body experiences, precognition, thought transference, past life memories, angelic communications, and more.  These should be understood as byproducts of our efforts to raise our consciousness and not goals or pursuits unto themselves.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 4 CLASS 3 Where Am I Going? – Changing Our Place

In this class, we will explain what it really means to raise our consciousness and how that also changes our place in the Kingdom of the Heavens.  Earth is the First Heaven and t we are here on Earth only for a short time, which means there will be some “Place” we go after the change called death. Where is that “some Place” and what really determines the specific locality of that place each one of us will find ourselves in after the change called death? Each of us is casting our destiny each day, which determines our fate on Earth and in the Worlds Beyond when we leave Earth. Rather than being blown about by the winds of Karma, learn how to become the master of your destiny.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 4 CLASS 4 Where Am I Going? – Alignment – Attunement – At-One-Ment
In this class, you will discover two of the most powerful tools a seeker of truth can awaken in themselves – The power of Attunement & At-One-Ment.  These are part of the seekers Divine Nature.   These innate abilities, once developed in the personality, allow one to come into conscious contact with the Archangels, their Angels an most importantly their so-called higher Self thus giving the sincere seeker Soul Self Awareness.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 5 CLASS 1 How Do I Get There? Symbol of Life Teaching & Practice

In this class, we come to the one of the most advanced teachings and practices to every be presented on Earth – The Symbol of Life.   The Christian Symbol of Life and the Jewish Tree of Life (the Kabbalah) both have their origin in the most ancient Egyptian Symbol of Life.  Moses took the Egyptian Symbol of Life and changed it into the Tree of Life and gave it to the Jews.  Origen, the most influential Christian father, in 200 A.D. changed the ancient Egyptian Symbol of Life into the purely Christian Symbol of Life using Saint John’s revelation and presented it to the Essene Christians who gave it to the Knights Templar for protection.  It was recently re-introduced by Daskalos and given to the Researchers of Truth.  We will give an overview on its teachings and practices as a most powerful tool of self-transformation.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 5 CLASS 2 How Do I Get There? Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens

In this class, you will be given the Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens which Christ mentioned.   The Heavens are within us and the keys unlock the gates to them.  But we must first be shown how to use this keys to open ourselves to higher and higher states of consciousness.   These keys not only advance your spiritual unfoldment but will also help you advance in the material world as well.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 5 CLASS 3 How Do I Get There? Guidance from Above

In this class, we will describe the 4 types of Divine Guidance.  We all receive these but few recognize them.  And we will teach about the false guidance of the “mimic” and how to distinguish it from the true guidance.  We will also teach about the communiques coming from our ever-present Guardian Angel and how to enter into a more conscious dialogue with him.  This is an important class for any seeker of truth to help avoid the setbacks of listening to false guidance and for benefiting from the spiritual acceleration of listening to true guidance.

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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DAY 5 CLASS 4 How Do I Get There? Human Love ~ Divine Love

In this class, you will come to know something very important about what True Love really is and what love by reflection really is.  Love by reflection is not True Love, it is a shadow of True Love. Most human love is this kind of love by reflection.  Falling in love by reflection is illusory and often leads to heartache and tears.  However, True Love, gives both the lover and the beloved the experience of Rising in Love and blesses both.  You will also learn one of the  and effective ways of cleaning your heart 

Presented by Daniel Joseph

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